We had a  lecture from Michael Moore . MA, Pg.Cert. Mc.IAC. who over the year has lots of experience of taking many different groups with many different abilities at Stewards hospital in Dublin which is close to where he grew up and where his relatives worked.


Had a health and safety demo of how to compress leftover clay

Michelle then gave us a demo of rolling the clay from tip to the whole way to the bottom of your palm you do not need to put pressure on the clay roll on a flats surface until it looks like a cylinder (sausage.)

Roll out another piece of clay flat then cut out a circle then add your sausage to bottom of the circle pinch coil around when you meet the start pinch and remove excess and repeat move coils out to make wider move coils in narrower to make a smaller hole. Blend coils.

I started after blending the bottom to add texture with a comb then adding more could to make my sculpture oscillate and twist but felt the need to make this surface smooth buy using my finger I did want to do this on the inside but it was not possible as I couldn’t get inside the sculpture very well.

If you overwork the clay it starts to crack do not splash water on it as it makes clay too soft. I feel I enjoyed this experience more after I have the form complete and liked scraping and rubbing the clay it was quite satisfying to do even though I could not make it as smooth as I desired. I feel like the clay can absorb some pent up energy you are working with the earth its robust and can produce a 3d form can easily add and take away in a way clay can be a little more forgiving than a painting or drawing as you are physically creating with your hand you are completely connected to the material it is an extension of you warm cold rough smooth concave and convex.

It was a challenge leaving my work to be fired as it could explode or the work of someone else could explode and destroy mine or y work destroy there’s when you think about it that relates to life in the way people communicate or don’t communicate the use of words the actions of another can damage another person and we need to overcome that build our resilience to still be who we find ways around it to be ourselves and be in this ever-changing world.

I was very happy to see that my work had survived the firing process now to glazing this is confusing as the color in the pot is not what you get a little bit like eco printing where it will be a surprise to anyone that is not trained in this area I choose the brown one and the white just poured some inside the pot and emptied it back out and poured some over the sides why I didn’t want to do detail I liked the texture and I wanted the glaze to look like it had dripped down it. I did not feel the need to be complected and even tho it was very quick I like the results when it came back out of the kiln.

Slab building


I liked the way you can marble clay that’s super fun effect. Making a slab is super easy

The part i enjoyed the most for this project was collecting the natural material and using someone else’s seeds thank you to that person in the group I love pushing the twigs grass flower leaves into the clay and pulling some of it out and letting other bits burn off I like the texture and that each part is unique and the fact that you have little control to how much shows up.

I did not have an image in my head of what to make so, I just cut my slabs up into random tiles and started setting them on top of each other this piece somehow created its self as i was just playing a game if each piece would stay until i brought the next it fell down a lot and was rebuilt differently every time I quite enjoyed playing like this it was kind of freeing to not worry if its right or wrong to just have a play and have fun I was super surprised that it was still in one piece when it came out of the kiln as I did not pay very much attention to what I was doing.

Which I suppose is good as means it’s accessible to many clients. I did not think much about the gazing either just splashed wax over it and then poured the glaze on it will be interesting to see how this turns out as I have built up a good few layers need to remember to wash the bottom of glaze so it doesn’t stick to the kiln.

Overall I enjoyed making with clay. The fact that you can see straight away what you have constructed you can add take away as you feel the need you can only use your hands or also use tools. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty but know that being dirty may be a challenge for some clients they could wear gloves but wonder if they would have the same dexterity.

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