Botanic Gardens Belfast


Botanic Gardens.

Field trip to botanic gardens

Sollie and Sarah took us for this session on photography we entered the greenhouse and got hit with the smell on hyacinth flowers could not yet see them but you could smell them

  • Warm
  • Sheltered
  • Strong smell of flowers
  • Green and calm
  • In a forest of growth
  • Door clanging
  • Handles banging
  • Footsteps on the iron grating
  • Water dripping
  • People whispering
  • Wow color
  • Bright and vibrate
  • 1 bubble bee buzzing away
  • Skeletons  on leaves left to shrivel away
  • New buds
  • New shoots pocking up
  • Spikey
  • Fluffy and smooth
  • Rounds edges against the straight line of window

Sarah gave us a card each on it was the word flower she spoke about the word as learned we do not know the language we learn the language and not all words can say what we want sometimes words cannot do how we feel justice. Inside the card was picture on a drawing of a flower a daffodil it presents the flower and gives us an idea of the flower this is someone illustration of what the flower looks like but it is not theirs and not ours nor natures the final picture is a print from the flower it is a true image of what the flower was like every line was is that moment in time for that flower.

Task 1

Our task takes a series of photos of you to experience here today and through the images tell a story of how it makes you feel.

This task made me slow down and see the dead leaves hear the sound of people shuffling around whispering footsteps on the grating doors open and close the sound of leave brush against you when you walked passed the echo the smell of the flowers I feel that I opened my sense that it was visual, audio, smell. I need to find the more I spent in the greenhouse the more I see I even made a video (will upload later)

Task 2

If you could only take 1 photo to represent today what would it be you can not delete it or change it you need to expect it how it is out of focus, the wrong angle, not what you wanted.

20190306_155233I really liked my last photo I was thinking about it and took a photo of the door handle then I happen to look into all the color of the greenhouse that I had spent some time from the inside looking out and it called me to capture the blurs of it the fact it is not in focus it has colour but little detail of the content inside its a little like my head at the minute lots of things spinning around mixing together but lacks detail and understanding.

I enjoyed today and can see the benefit of using photography it would be good with clients that don’t have the confidence in using traditional art materials. It also may be good for the generation today that are hooked on technology to see them the creative aspects of using their camera photo to help them observe more think about what they see and feel to be a picture to there inner world.

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