Class at the beach


Hollywood beach 

Started with a mindful walk along the path. We where given questions to answer


We then gathered in groups to make a story from what we had written (attach video)

It was interesting to hear each others version how different and similar that they where alike.

IT was a cold day and the thought of a few hours outside made people shiver but time passed very quickly and was a bit disappointed that it had ended so quickly.

Breath exercise 

20190130_142332Found it hard to get into to slow down enough to find a rhythm to be true to myself but I gave it a go found it easier in a group though to the immatate wind with your voice is quite difficult. when we all came together was fun and could have played this that more. But i feel the aim of the excise was to slow down open your sense be still and take nature intake a break from this busy world but also as an art therapist you need to slow down and clear some space for the client you are working with being still and see them hear them listen to the see them its difficult to do this with a racing mind.

Play be a child skip and run have a fun laugh we played catch with our shadows and laughed uncontrollably it was freeing simply uncomplicated. I need to play more skipping and jumping without a care in the world. Then slowed down and went on an adventure what color could I see what patterns could I find

Knicker elastic 

Started of weird what the hell are we being asked to do but then I let go it was fun and interesting to see who you were connected to who was twisted around you how we all ended up moving as a group how each person action influenced the other. It was fun silly and a nice ending to end as a group as one unit.

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