Oedipal Complex



This animation helped me understanding what Oedipus is. I came across this term in supervision when describing a scenario with our group. This was a new term and had very heard of it. But in art therapy, it made sense, as we were talking about the different roles that our clients give us in therapy.


This is an example of Oedipus in a toddlers

To boys up to four years of age, there is no difference between attachment, emotional dependency, physical dependency, and infatuation.  “Mom is amazing, I love Mom, I am in love with mom, I might even want to marry Mom.”

Maybe this is why we hear the term mums boy from is this the baby fighting for mum’s attention that the world revolves around the baby and mum and that dad is a threat of the world being bigger than the 2 of them.


In the video you can see the baby copying the dad and kissing the mum could this be Oedipus?

what is the role of dad well he is the role model the baby is going to copy him and do what he does? It is father-son time or any good male adult that is in the child’s life. I need to remember this when working with groups and 1-1 clients what are they acting out what role I am being given. What can this tell me about there relationships what can I do to help them work thought this? It’s interesting the many different layers there is to each person and how unique we are.

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