I have had the opportunity to felt for myself and with clients. I have found it to be a very satisfying experience and while done in a group rather social as well. I feel that because it can be seen as a craft and not art can also help with the clients that are scared of doing art.

Felting had the effect of being warm soft and strong but it doesn’t always do as its told. It can be added to things can be trapped in it. You can felt around things. It’s really quite versatile.

To be able to touch raw fibers pull them apart. use your hand’s soap and water to make a fabric. to rub it push it trow it put all of your force into it and come out with something beautiful is a great experience and can really help you work thought some of those tough feels. I myself enjoy felting but I do have to be in the mood for it. It’s a clean way to get messy.


As well as wet felting you can also do needle felting which is the process of interlocking fibers using a barbed needle with wool fibers. Barbs catch the individual fibers and push them through into a foam backing, tangling and binding them to each other, eventually creating a cohesive fabric, sculpture, or work of art.




with felting you are creating a fabric right before your eyes you can make it as thick or thin as you want there can be hidden layers that nobody else can see but the maker knows are there. you can squeeze slap thrown the fabric to felt it you can express your anger and energy into it and in the end come out with a final product the felt can take different stress at different time gentle beginning and gradually getting firmer and firmer kind of like when a person slowly gains confidence. I enjoy felting I get lost in a different world that is soft and fluffy like floating on a cloud an then be transported under the sea with all the soapy water I enjoy the different feels of the different fibers. you can do big motions express your body when felting it can be a whole-body experience.


Needle felting is good for adding detail to define an area it has an element of danger with the fact that the needle is sharp but I really get into the fine details and colors and the fact that you can cover up an area you don’t like trap buttons ribbon into it add extra bits to it.

Felting is like painting a watercolor with fibers you can build it up layer by layer but you can do so much more embroidery use the sewing machine on it add it into a panel of a jacket make a teddy bear or other animals use it as a transitional object or talisman. Felt uses the senes is physical and interactive but you need to be able to problem-solve and adapt when it doesn’t go as you have planned it can be 2D or 3D is any color and shape. I would love to do felting with clients I just haven’t found the right opportunity to interduce it. I feel like it would have to be an adult I’m not sure if a child would have the patience needed to achieve anything felted but you never know.


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