Hazelbank working in nature

Trip to Hazel bank 


We began the afternoon by all standing in a circle taking in the sounds smells and feeling of our surrounds checking in with ourselves. This was nice to do after the rush of lunch and finding our way there. It was good to take some time for ourselves. To feel the sun on our backs the wind on our cheeks the smell of the sea and grass the sound of the wind blowing the trees kids playing the traffic.

We began by splitting into groups we had to create something without talking. Our group went on a little adventure collecting anything that caught our eye it wasn’t long before we had so much stuff that we left it on a bench looking out at sea. We started to create our piece and forgot that we had to transport it back to where we where so we started to find ways to keep it together tieing it with leaves I had making tape that came in very handy and added looks of color to our nature sticks leaves twits old man beard that had fallen off the trees. 


When we were doing this we were getting a lot of attention from the pubic some just gave weird looks others the odd comment there was one dude on his bicycle stopped and asked us what we were doing we told him he told us we were great artists that it was nice to see people laughing and making something together and off he went it wasn’t long before he was back he told us about the homeless people and the poverty level of the area he asked us about our course. I felt like he kept talking as he was lonely and liked talking to us and trying to charm us with lovely comments. We asked him if he would like to name our work he was taken back but had a huge smile on his face he called it “Doris” but he would tell us who she was he also gave us a plastic rose and said it was from a very special person. 


Our next task was to take “Doris” back to the group we then had to give it to another group I was sad handing her over as it felt like we where giving part of that man away as well his art was in there with ours. 

We got another groups artwork it was like a flower arrangement we named him “Fergal” after the guy on the bike as we whee wondering what was the rest of his story so we took Fergal for a walk 

The story we made up 

Fergal is a male in his 50s and he appears to be lonely he is sitting on a bench looking out at sea wondering where he can find people to be his friends he goes for a walk to try and find a friendly connection with people he goes to the gym park and has a go on the gear but he feels odd and not really feeling any friendship to the people there he continues on and finds a door people are there but the feel to be looking past him like he doesn’t exist the door is there but he can’t get in on the outside looking in. He finally makes into the ocean where he is alone but feels a sense of peace he likes it there so that is where he stays watching wondering by the sea is that where he will find his Doris. 


It was interesting not being able to talk as the items that we had we all gathered by us and the artwork just created itself it was fascinating to see the interest in passers-by what are you doing that’s cool I like that you are making art. The attention we received because we were doing something different the little groups that gathered to watch us like a little community the art connecting and attracting everyone to that place. 

It was good that we didn’t us many words as I will admit we did have a little chat here and there but the fact that we reacted of each other and where able to help each other without a word beings said the non verbals in art are huge and we forget about them we get so caught up on putting words to things we forget about the other ways we can communicate. That each person that we have contact with we can influence and leave something with that man became part of our artwork his story was carried with us he added to what we were doing.  I knew art was powerful but at that moment I realized it was of what we were doing that caught his eye and got his interest going I wonder if we did it every week at the same time would he keeps coming back. 

What I have learned is when I am in a session with a client and they don’t want to talk that’s fine what they are expressing is too powerful for words and that sometimes doing the art just speaks for and that I need to give that space in a session for those moments to happen. I also need to be more aware of my nonverbals and make sure that I am doing as I speak and not giving mixed signals as this will confuse the client I am aware that I may have been doing this at the minute in placement as I have been having a difficult time I am now questioning if I really have been leaving it at the door before seeing a client. 


I could definitely see myself doing this with a client it would be a good way to develop a therapeutic relationship and help them feel connected to nature

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