Painting Workshop

For the print workshop I made my own nature brushed from objects I found outside i enjoyed going for a walk looking for things I could use it made me more aware of my surroundings a little child like reminded me of collecting flowers to make dinner in my imaginary kitchen as a child and making furniture for our tree house which was a bunch of trees that we could be inside next to the truck and nobody could see in.

It was fun to bunch things together with the wonder of I wonder how that will work what mark will I get will it work. I also brought a comb and little wire sculptures that I made

Wire sculptures I created by accident I was home ill in bed and sick of being sick needed something to do there was a bunch of wires in a bag next to me ready for another project I am planning to do I just picked some up and started to with only my hands and a pair of pliers shape the wire the sculptures created them self it was very organic and calming I enjoyed making them I started to sit back and look at what I had done and started to think about it and how I did it and lost the flow I started to think too many stops and start stuck on trying to create a shape rather than just letting it happen.

I never thought of wire to be used in a therapeutic way but it was nice to do and took my mind of what my physical body was doing I was in the moment. This could be an option to use with clients they could model wire with there eyes closed.

They can add to it with paint and paper they could make lots of small things and then connect them together there are no rules it can be squeezed pulled wrapped connected open and closed dense and loose. 

I used all of my made objects and some others that were collected to make art. I wasn’t about the art for me it was about the marks I could make the different ways i could hold them light touch press down hard slap paper with it bang it onto the paper what was the difference with  thin paint thick paint ink what happens if it wet and dry I spent the hour just having a play trying to find different ways to get texture and make marks I even pressed the brushed down on the page some of them fall apart and dried into the paint.

I stood up for the art-making did not have a desire to sit down I was trying not to think of a picture and just embrace the feeling. I feel that my painting has a lot of movement and have an expressive element to them I’m not sure if that is because I was researching expressionism to work with a client but it was freeing to let myself free of the thought of having to make a painting and to be playful.

I could see this as being a group session for art therapy bring in eco-art building they would have to think outside the box on nontraditional art equipment but I think it could take the pressure of the idea of having to make good art that people tend to compare to professional instead of being in the moment and just creating for the joy of it. It could work collaboratively with a client to make brushes and even make our own paint it gives a connection to nature and creating with something that they have found and made. 


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