Lockdown Card Making


During my time in lockdown i found myself at a loose end.

I decided to harness this energy and channel it into creativity instead, looking through my boxes of art materials i found lots of textures and materials which caught my eye.

Finmding my sewing machine and an old box of card I quickly came to a decision to make cards myself.

With such an uncertain time and evberyone housebound, I felt that spreading a little peice of joy to my friends, family and love ones would be a great idea to do and hopefully cheer up some people letting them know I’m thinking of them in this hard time.

Using my sewing machine was great fun as I haven’t done it in a long time, working with the materials and sticking them to the cards allowed me to free stitch onto the card and allow my creativity to flow into these cards you see below.

Below I have showed my collection of some of my works that were sent to epoeople containing personal messages letting them know i was thinking of them in these hard times.









All cards by Philippa Bennett Lockdown 2020.

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