Eco art therapy in lockdown

A sample of the many photos taken during Lockdown 2020


I spent lockdown finding different ways to appreciate nature as I could not kayak or camp.

Being limited to one walk a day and trying to get the most from that walk and so I spent many weeks documenting the growth of the flowers along my walk and the insects that visit them.

I then experimented with cyanotype prints capturing the negative image of the flowers that I was photographing, I used these flowers to eco print within my house.

 Experimenting with eco-printing on paper trying to capture the small details of the flowers on the paper.

Throughout this, I have taken many photos of my journeys and experiments which I have attached for your pleasure

Getting the family involved was a great way to bring us all together, appreciate nature and hone in on our observation skills.

The animals we met on our walks started to receive names, goats wanting to be fed, ponies looking for scratches and pet lambs bounding in the fields. Watching the fish jump in the stream, hearing the first Cookoo of spring, watching the birds collect for their nests.

Making art with nature was just another way to connect, touch smell, and feel together to be more connected to the natural world.

Natural Dyeing 




Cyanotype Printing Paper with Natural shapes and Items



Insects and Flowers from my local walk


Homemade Vegetable Garden


Local Nature Walk beside our house


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