Environmental Art Therapy Seminar Feb 2021

Prep for session 

Location: garden, forest, field, anywhere that is in nature that you feel comfortable to be.  

Close your eyes take a deep breath ground themselves feel the ground breath their feet is it hard or soft where do you feel the earth on your feet move the pressure around your feet until you feel grounded. Slowly bring your attention to the sounds around you what is close what is in the middle ground what is far away can you move to the sounds you hear. when your ready slowly begin to pay attention to your smell moving around your garden touching and smelling what do you smell what do you feel. Slowly begin to use your eyes using a gentle gaze to pay attention to all the shapes colors light dark shadows. Explore with all your senses move to where they are taking you. Collect items that have come to your attention asking them for permission to be collected please respect other creatures habitat if it looks like someone home dont take it. When you feel finished exploring. Thank the land for your experience. using your sketch book and art materials of your choice to document your experience of traveling around your garden you can use this as a reference for yourself in our class together 

 Items that you will need branches/sticks 4 or 5 should be enough if you can collect them from the ground rather than breaking them off the tree. Other things you might like for our art making seeds leaves grass moss rocks anything that you have collected from you exploration. 

For our art making you will also need your choice of string, thread, strips of fabric, ribbion these need to be long enough to wrap and tie any other materials that you would like 

The theme of our art making is “How does nature support you” 

Article  Nature Therapy: Incorporating Nature Into Arts Therapy https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0022167817696828 

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