Trip to an Island

A collection of photos documenting my journey to Inish Navar Lough Erne. This is the loctation I have choosen to base my disseration model onto.

frozen Lough Erne Rossi bay

It is December tempture -5 its baltic the lake is frozen from the jetty past the 1st island and right past the 2nd island which is the one we are landing at. we had to gently break the ice and move thought the water we could have been the titanic having to break up huge sheets of ice with our paddles the noise of the ice rubbing on our boat crunching and cracking was amazing we where not paddling we where digging our way there the only other sounds where us laughing and what sounded like birds not an brezze to be felt.

Sat enjoyed our surroundings had a wee cuppa and a biscuit got to keep your energy up and there is nothing better that having a hot drink while you take in the fresh air and watch the ice slowly begin to melt. Aim of this trip to scout out the island and do a risk assessment

Risks:- sheep

-slips and trips

  • ice
  • cold weather conditions
  • hypothermia
  • cold water shock

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